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By now you should know that the busiest niche on fiverr is the graphics niche. No wonder that's the first category you see once you log in to That's why the guys there including yours truly are killing it with graphics. Its the best niche you can ever be in and make money round the clock.. There is no dull moment here.

Check the graphics niche yourself to confirm. Click on Graphics Niche and check out the different graphics sections. Take a look at all the subcategory and you will see why its the niche to be on Fiverr.

Lets take Book Cover and Packaging Sub-category for example. You see guys with 50, 100, 150 orders in queue. That's the power of graphics..

Check out the number of feedback... They are always in the 1000's.. You can never be wrong with graphics i tell you.


There are authors everywhere and writing books is now easier with lots of publishing houses online ready to sell your authors books... No wonder we have more and more writers and publishers coming online.

Also we have business pages, people spending more money on advertising etc. Hence the rise in demand for graphics like eBook covers, banners, social media headers, flash banners, business cards etc... This is not stopping the demand for graphics any time soon.

The secret of Fiverr has always been to offer services that are in high demand and services people find hard to do themselves. Many people hate graphics and like to pass it off to professionals to do it for them. They are ready to pay $10, $50, $100 or even more to their graphics job done. If you can learn graphics, then you are in the money. But who says graphics is hard?

Now how do you think the guys who have 50, 100, 200 orders in queue cope with the demands and still finish all the jobs and maintain their 100% rating?

Now check out some of the guys in the eBook cover niche... Take note of the "number of orders in queue", the "delivery period" and the "feedback rate"... See for yourself




Now what do you think?... 79 orders in queue and he/she has 4 days to finish them... That's an average of 20 orders per day already in queue. This is a niche where nothing is automated... No robot software or bot or anything like that.. Yest these guys are able to maintain 100% rating in spite of the huge orders.

The thing is, they will continue to have huge numbers of orders. This is because this is the perfect niche for anyone to make money without spending money on anything else like VPS, bot software, monthly paid products etc..

All you need is Photoshop and how to make sure you can do as many jobs as possible. But you ask me that how can someone design 20-50 eBook covers from scratch everyday and still have time for other things?

Now let me tell you a secret... The secret is the use of templates. The beautiful thing about graphics is that, you can store your designs in PSD formats for future use.. You can then pick the PSD files and edit it however you want for a long time. This is how eBook cover designers like me and others cope with the demands..

All i do is simply create all my designs in PSD formats and store them and i can edit always come back to edit them thousands of times to create unique designs every time.

Now take a look at this design..

sample 1
Now i can edit this template by changing the top and base line colours, text colours, change text and change images to give me something different. I can create hundreds of different designs from just this one if i wanted.

Check out what i just did with the eBook cover design above...
sample 1
sample 2
sample 3
sample 4

That's 4 different designs done in less than 5 MINUTES each.. Yes less than 5 minutes each.. All i did was click on the bars and text and changed the colours. Imported a new image into each. Saved and i was done. That's how to work smart and make more money with ease.

Lets say different buyers want eBook covers with titles like:

"The Kiss of the Vine"
"Voyage of Kiss"
"The name of love in Abuja"
"Romance is Sambisa Forest"
"Autumn of Love" etc...

What a smart eBook cover designer does is use one of his stored designs and change that template into 5 designs... Since they are all books on love and romance, i dig into my love and romance pack and find one i can use to come up with different designs. All i got to do is change colours, titles and change things around.

That's how i did the one above.. If you didn't look hard enough, you would not know that they were created from one template.

Everything you do is in simple steps...


That's how its done.. You pick a template, edit it and create a new template from it. So with that i created 3 more from 1 to get four designs i can give to 4 different buyers.. You can still change the lines positions and positions of text and images and come up with different more variations.

Instead of creating new designs from scratch all the time, you just look through your arsenal and come up with a good design as fast a possible. 5-10 minutes tops, i am done.

Granted there are jobs a little more complicated then others but who says you can't make it easier with having the right templates.

So i can have 50 jobs in a day and complete them in hours instead of days as long as i have lots of templates i can edit. You can easily keep the edited one also as PSD templates which is going to serve as template for other designs. The more designs you create, the more templates you have until you have thousands and thousands of templates you can always edit and use anytime.

One good thing about graphics is that you can give out the flat designs for $5 or $10 and the PSD editable formats for $20, $50, $100 and so on... That's why the graphics niche is not always a $5 niche. You can charge as high as $200 and get tips from buyers for a nice job.

How about the 3D designs. Right, i just go into the same arsenal and use my 3D templates to come up with the 3D versions of the designs. See what i mean?

product sample 2
product sample 3
product sample 4

Introducing the 5 MINUTES Fiverr Fast Track Graphics

In this package, you get over 150 quality ecover templates i have in my arsenal. The same templates i use for my designs. You can use, edit and use over and over again. You can use it as you want and grow your own collection from these.
layered psd

Good designs are money makers anytime...

You get templates in different niches... health, weight loss, business, romance, children, internet marketing etc. It means no matter the eBook cover niche, you are covered...

I will not only give you the templates, you will also get video training on how to edit the templates.. Once i show you how to edit one, you can edit any template all by yourself and start churning out your own templates. Its that easy.....

With these templates you can literally create thousands of templates for reuse and you also from time to time get more and more templates from me which i will send straight to your inbox once you register to get my updates..

Not only that, You also get other graphics templates like Banners, Headers, Facebook timeline cover templates, Twitter header templates, YouTube header templates, Business card templates, background images, Cartoon Characters for your designs, Lots of PLR images etc..

This means you will be able to compete in more than one graphics niche. You will be able to handle eBook cover designs, social media cover designs, business card designs, banner designs, header designs etc. That's at least 5 subcategories of 5 gigs you can have on your Fiverr account and make money from. It can't be better than this trust me.

What You Get

  • Over 150 eBook cover Predesign templates
  • All the fonts use for the designs
  • Video on how to edit the templates
In addition to that, you get bonuses like

  • 176 brand new high quality background graphics available in both .png and .psd file formats... 1500px by 1333px each
  • 191 brand new social media header graphics templates for facebook, twitter, Google plus and YouTube available in both .png and .psd file formats... ready-set sizes
  • 210 brand new high quality marketing graphics and icons available in .png, .psd, .ai and svg file formats
  • 2500+ high definition royalty free images with developer usage rights... use in your personal projects or adapt them to your taste for commercial purposes  etc...



There is no other secret anywhere. This is it. Its what the graphics sellers on Fiverr including yours truly have been doing. I have been using this for a long time and you can do the same now by getting your hands on these graphics packs with the video training on how to use it.

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How to Get 5 Minutes Fiverr Fast Track Pack

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